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justforfanscore:5.0 / 52016-11-21

Nice eat around a lot.
fxjssscore:5.0 / 52016-11-11

Nice, very comfortable, would live in the future!
bobo_moscore:2.0 / 52016-11-02

Special garbage, a night didn't sleep good sleep are is mosquito, sheets are seems didn't for had midnight up playing mosquito was found quilt Shang a mission blood. children body at least bite has 10 a above of package. fundamental worth four star. to Guangzhou live of most garbage of a night. pictures Shang are is children was bite of. housing in taste special big, pungent. anyway Word special garbage, never to has.
fallenembers25score:4.5 / 52016-10-28

It wasn't too bad.
peterpeescore:1.8 / 52016-10-18

Do not stay ... very disappointing!
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