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New Year together with William Chan Baidu map for upscale hotel a lowest discount

Date: 2016-12-23

After leaving warm meaning thick Christmas, New Year will bring, now you have already begun the planning of the New Year's day small long vacation travel?Baidu map "double denier hotel even huan hui" New Year's day has been started for you, small long vacation travel booking hotels don't have to worry about!Immediately "Christmas together, hui hotel 5 fold" keypad, baidu map has open "warm winter hotel 1 fold up" activities, not only the national top ten city warm winter hotel 1 fold, more has the highest 526 yuan package and island tourism opportunities, activity will continue until January 3, 2017.

Luxury hotel upgrade the ritual BaoYingXin year 1 fold up 526 yuan

Users have found that recently, open the baidu map APP appeared "William take you hit yuan egg" the activities of the posters.It is understood that this is baidu map "double denier book hotel even huan hui" activity in the second half.Since December 27, users click on posters, to enter the new field of activity page.This New Year's day, along with "the larger the ling brother" hit yuan eggs open gift, don't book hotel "and so on".In addition, the user can also enter baidu map "near", "book hotel" page from the activities of the "double denier hotel even huan hui" entry into, also can participate in "hit egg won the highest 526 yuan package", "national top ten cities warmer winters hotel 1 tuck up" and other forms of preferential activities.