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Hopson pearl river museum on Friday in the pearl river scene official opening

Date: 2015-01-03

Cultural figures commented that TV tower on the other side has a museum of guangzhou opera house, guangzhou cultural landmark buildings, such as today, the south bank of the TV tower will be interacting with high grade of the pearl river gallery, this is equal to the connation of city tower lit a lamp that gorgeous "cultural spotlight".

The landscape of the pearl river gallery - straight wangjiang artistic hallPearl river gallery is located in the pearl river landscape west entrance, adjacent to guangzhou TV tower south square.Tower south square is under construction at present, after being square built, the center axis of the pearl river gallery will not only directly facing the broad square, also can pass through the square at the pearl river.In guangzhou, in addition to the guangdong museum of art of ersha island, so a good condition only the river.And we have learned, the pearl river gallery is according to the modern multi-function target planning and construction of modern art museum, is a building by the enterprise, service for society and social development, open to the public cultural institutions.The museum is dedicated to owners and residents to provide high-quality education and cultural exchanges, promote social responsibility and historical mission of cultural development in guangdong, display exhibition, education, communication, service, collect five functions.Scene, the art museum building area of more than 1000 square meters, with large-scale exhibition hall, VIP room, art exchange room, showroom in clear height of 3.6 meters, the development of line of more than 100 square meters, can hold all kinds of high specifications of different types, different subjects art exhibitions.Exhibition hall is equipped with large air conditioning system, constant temperature and humidity system, monitoring system, alarm and security guards on duty 24 hours a day all kinds of systems and other advanced facilities and services, is currently the best hardware facilities, the grade of guangzhou one of the highest art venues.

Pearl river emperor scene pour build a top international culture and art communication platformLocated in the new urban central axis of guangzhou pearl river emperor scene, is a peninsula surrounded on three sides by water city, with city tower zhichizhiyao, at the top of the pearl river new city CBD, pazhou convention and exhibition, consulate area three business circle, the nuclear business, living, investment and other multiple values.Mature for 8 years, not only to build a five-star pearl river view hotel, 33000 square meters 1.5 royal waterscape garden, international top facilities, such as bilingual education, has been committed to create more "emgrand will" create high-end luxury lifestyle.Emgrand high-end life would be for matching layer peak demand, for a number of "emperor scene" elite owners and the industry elite, celebrities and other cutting-edge structures, the highest level of the best business and life of platform."Emgrand will" private clubs, adhering to the "only the best quality service" for the top people, with business platform, CEO of salon, culture and art, and other forms of diversity, extend the successful communication space, provide a degree of rick's private business club, nobleness mainstream way of life, let the gold business and international human harmony unite.Has successfully held such as the international life event "privilege" hurun wealth BBS "and other high-end influential activities.

This time, in the pearl river scene open gallery, is further for owner shows elegant artistic and cultural charm, provides the exchange and communication platform for the culture and art."Pearl river emperor scene can make such a high-end cultural art form a complete set, for the overwhelming majority of owners, the television tower and guangzhou citizens on the planet."A gallery to visit once a number of buildings attached cultural figures said.