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Guangzhou marathon official reception hotel The pearl river emperor scene high quality homes with glory

Date: 2014-11-03

On November 23, 2014, 20000 from more than 40 countries and regions, guangzhou athletes on horseback, the event in addition to professional athletes to compete, spiderman, batman, etc is more different shapes of athletes in the competition, have the strength and beauty, art and funny, also the higher-ups brilliance square is a carnival show.

Boutique hotel security light luxury life, to make high-quality goods building four-star standard

Professional marathoner, to keep the weight does not increase fat, they are almost all don't eat meat, no matter where, only drink bottled water, because some bacteria can let their intestines and stomach discomfort.To see marathon runner for the strict requirement of the living environment, the guangzhou pearl river landscape hotel in the marathon race won the "2014 guangzhou marathon designated official reception hotel".Received in guangzhou during the marathon organizing committee arranged officials, leadership, and hotel guest professionals from many countries.Guangzhou pearl river view hotel is a solitary continental style boutique hotel, is a four-star hotel by national tounism administration, has rich activities reception experience and high quality service level.Located in guangzhou new urban central axis and the horizontal axis of guangzhou pearl river interchange, adjacent to pazhou international exhibition center, the pearl river new city CBD business circle, and the new landmark of guangzhou, guangzhou tower, only steps away.

Pampered in the pearl river, emperor king purple Long Fu phase ii, with glory

Pearl river view hotel is located in the pearl river scenery area, the surrounding of the south five functional areas of axial, consulate area, four pavilions, eco-city, trams and other billions of municipal, "pampered in one" is already set.After 14 years of pearl river emperor life scene matching is also increasingly mature, not only have a pearl river view hotel, a heated indoor swimming pool and other high-end cooked form a complete set, and the pearl river emperor scene, purple Long Fu as * * sold in the area of * * jiang jinghao curtilage, is integrating, geographical and human conditions, property location value is copied.