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The pearl river emperor village resident kitchen fire scene

Date: 2016-12-13

Southern daily news (reporter/Liu Guanna correspondent/Xia Mengying) 12 noon 12 PM, guangzhou pearl river hai red post road north emperor scene a resident kitchen fire, smoke, because the house is more eye-catching.Quickly via guangzhou fire fighting and rescue, the fire was put out soon, no further causes property damage or loss of life.

According to introducing, guangzhou 119 command center received after the alert, seconded 12 fire engines rushed to the scene disposal.Fire residential for pearl river emperor scene area 28 floor, block A guest to apartment.Firefighters arrived, the kitchen with indoor fire hydrant fire quickly extinguished.The unit building area of 140 square meters, the burning area of about 8 square meters.Main burning kitchen utensils and appliances, furniture, no one was injured.

It is understood that this is a month since the second residential fires.On November 13, the middle of the night the neighborhood has also fire accident caused more than 100 residents evacuated.