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Pearl river emperor hotel on April 30 days after the graduation?

Date: 2017-03-03

Information times dispatch (reporter Lin Rubin) recently, the pearl river emperor scene of residents in the circle of friends, a "goodbye, guangzhou pearl river landscape hotel" the message is forwarded for many times.Said: "guangzhou pearl river emperor - the only European feelings hotel the hotel will be in April 30, formal completion".The news, immediately aroused the concern of the surrounding residents.It is understood that pearl river view hotel is the only company guangzhou continental style four-star hotel, from the completion of the business in 2004.Reporter yesterday many times to the verification of winding news on hotel, the hotel party citing not interviewed no positive response.

Graduation or decorate?The staff is divided

Reporter yesterday came to the hotel, front desk and no guests at check-in or check-out procedures.Reporter citing to reserve a room in May ask, hotel front desk staff said may no longer accept the room reservation.Then gave reporters a hotel sales calls, sales consultation call themselves.

Reporters then call the sales department, sales department, they said the hotel room reservation only to April 30, the hotel will be 30 days in April and interior decoration.For when a reporter mentioned finish decorating, decoration is also called "the pearl river landscape hotel" after these problems, the sales staff said not clear: "the specific circumstances and the hotel will give a formal notice that now does not have exact message."Reporter to identity swimmers, seek advice to the constant temperature swimming pool outside the reception.Reporters found that the six-month and one-year swimming card has been closed, only the value of 500 dollars card 10 times.And this card is valid for 10 times, but also to April 30.Reporters asked if after summer don't open swimming pool, staff initially said: "the hotel to completion, swimming pool is not open."Later to say again, April 30 days to decorate the hotel, club, all of the facilities, including constant temperature swimming pool, table tennis, billiards room, gymnasium, etc., will not open again.

The fragrance restaurant businessNot affectedPearl river landscape of the fragrance in the hotel restaurant, is nearby residents held a cup of tea or dinner often chosen places.Rice fragrant restaurant, front desk staff said pearl river view hotel suspected graduation, did not affect the normal business of the fragrance."Pearl river view hotel is said to be decorated, but we are still operating normally, June and wedding banquet was held in the restaurant, they decorate has no effect on our business."